IMAGE for Individuals 
One of the more difficult things for people to do is to discover their own uniqueness and to accept it. We live in a society that gives far more emphasis to conformity than to uniqueness.


Consider how the following arenas often create pressures to conform: Advertising, Education, Media, Church, Workplace, Home or Politics. Usually in each of these areas of life certain characteristics are identified as a good or right type, and everybody else is encouraged, if not expected, to adapt to this pattern. Society becomes an assembly line turning out plastic widgets, trying to make each widget like the others.

This approach is wrong! We were created as unique individuals, and we all respond to life differently. In order to move from an attitude of mere survival to a life of significance in which we thrive; we need to understand, embrace and maximize our uniqueness.

Intrinsic motivations are one avenue for looking at our uniqueness. We understand intrinsic motivations as inward drives that strongly influence the way you respond to people, situations, problems and opportunities in the world. IMAGE (Intrinsic Motivation Assessment Guide & Evaluation) is a tool developed by Life Discovery to help you discover how intrinsic motivations impact your life and the way you respond to the world around you.

Like all assessment tools, IMAGE only evaluates one piece of your uniqueness. We encourage you to connect with one of our certified IMAGE Coaches so that you can experience the IMAGE assessment with a correct understanding of how to apply it to your life. Discover more about the ideas behind IMAGE and how to access the assessment in the subsequent pages.

The Seven Motivations
Learn about each of the seven intrinsic motivations.
  Take IMAGE
Learn how you can access IMAGE as an individual.
  Apply IMAGE
Learn how to apply your IMAGE profile to your life.
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