Life Discovery, LLC

Life Discovery, LLC is a development and training organization concerned with the behavior and growth of individuals, organizations and leaders.  

Life Discovery centers its work on helping individuals develop a sense of purpose and direction in their lives.  A key component that we use is IMAGE, a personal assessment tool that examines intrinsic motivation. IMAGE has helped guide people on their unique journey through life as they relate to situations, problems and opportunities in the world. By focusing on intrinsic motivation, individuals maximize their potential of living a fulfilled life. A second key component is our Education on Purpose® multi-media curriculum developed with the belief that individual learning and achievement will be improved if the learning process is framed in a context of life purpose and direction. 

Whether you are:

  • an individual seeking a greater understanding of yourself and the roles you can adopt as you interact with others;
  • a representative of an organization that wants to utilize IMAGE or Education on Purpose® to grow your people and processes;
  • a counselor, mentor or coach wanting to help others realize their full potential;

Life Discovery has something to offer. Please choose one of the paths on our homepage to learn more about Life Discovery!

1406 Marlin Drive
Marion, IN 46952