History of Life Discovery

In 1988 several leaders from various sectors of society created Life Discovery as an organization to utilize the expertise of Dr. Bill Millard. The initial vision was for Life Discovery to assist other organizations in mobilizing their workforce—whether employees or volunteers. These organizations have included non-profits, public and private schools, large and small businesses and churches. Life Discovery, through the application of the IMAGE assessment, has offered its services to over 50,000 individuals.

Today, Life Discovery is developing its capabilities to more broadly address development and training opportunities because we understand the impact intrinsic motivations, and more broadly a pursuit of one’s Life Calling, can have on an individual’s life as a whole.


Life Discovery is committed to helping people grow--not to become what they are not, but to become truly what they are.  Life Discovery encourages people to discover what it is that makes them unique and help them discover the place in life where they can best use these assets. Life Discovery also advises and trains organizations and their leaders on how to value, lead and make use of such unique people.

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