IMAGE is an acronym for Intrinsic Motivation Assessment Guide & Evaluation. The key element in that title is intrinsic motivation. IMAGE is a self-assessment questionnaire that has been used by thousands of individuals to explore intrinsic motivation in their lives. The purpose of IMAGE is to measure seven categories of intrinsic motivation based on Bill Millard's research and classification system. Based on the answers a person provides, IMAGE reveals a distinct pattern of seven motivations that intrinsically reside within that individual. These motivations interact in unique patterns to guide the way people respond to situations, problems and opportunities in the world. These motivational patterns will also determine the roles these persons will adopt as a result of this response. As a result individuals will discover a unique design for their life that can help them focus on endeavors that are consistent with the purpose for their life and at the same time give them a greater sense of fulfillment.

The seven motivations are: proclaiming, helping, teaching, exhorting, giving, managing, and comforting. These intrinsic motivations will often strongly affect the way people interact with friends and family, the roles they are most comfortable with in group situations, which jobs they will like or dislike, even the way they handle their money or make life decisions!

Once you have completed the IMAGE questionnaire, your IMAGE Coach will provide you with a copy of the IMAGE Report of Results that will include your Motivational Profile similar to the sample below.

Your IMAGE Coach will help you understand what this profile means. From there you can go on to use this profile in a number of applications described on this website. Your IMAGE Coach will help you choose which ones are most useful to you in your life exploration.

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