Applying Your IMAGE Results


IMAGE measures seven motivations intrinsically residing within you formed by two forces: (1) a foundational inner compelling dynamic, and (2) a proactive outer service response to that dynamic. The motivations interact in a unique pattern to guide the way you discern people, situations opportunities and problems in the world. As a result of this, this motivational pattern will strongly influence the roles we tend to adopt in our interactions with people, situations, opportunities and problems. So it is important to understand what this pattern is telling you.

Your IMAGE results will provide you with a Motivational Profile that orders the seven intrinsic motivations based on their level of strength within you. In other words, the top motivation will be the one that exhibited the strongest pattern in your answers to IMAGE questions, and the bottom motivation will be the one that exhibited the weakest pattern. All seven reside within you and motivate your actions in some way, but they do not motivate you with equal strength. Knowing which ones are stronger in you can provide you with valuable information in understanding your uniqueness.

The top three motivations are called your Proactive Motivations. The combination of these motivations will have a dominating influence over the roles you will adopt as you respond to people, situations and problems in the world. In most cases, the roles that you adopt out of your Proactive Motivations are the roles you want and like to do. The strongest of these three, the top motivation, is what IMAGE refers to as the Pilot Motivation. It is given this title because it guides the way all the other motivations work in your life, just as a pilot guides the way an airplane flies.

The bottom four motivations form what IMAGE refers to as the Reactive Motivations. These are motivations that for the most part you respond to out of a sense of responsibility rather than out of what feels most natural or what you enjoy doing the most.

Your IMAGE Coach can guide you through a deeper interpretation of your results, and can provide you with further reading on the topic.



While there is a basic understanding of IMAGE you can gain on your own, to really understand its rich dynamics and its potential, you need the assistance of an IMAGE Coach. Your IMAGE Coach can guide you through potential applications of your results that can produce a dramatic improvement in choices you are making in your life. Your IMAGE Coach will help you discover the many ways you can use your unique motivational pattern to understand and enrich your life journey.

One of the most obvious ways you can apply your results is by utilizing the IMAGE Career Compatibility Profile (ICCP).  This profile is automatically produced when your IMAGE Report of Results is created and is available to your IMAGE Coach to use with you. ICCP uses your Motivational Profile to evaluate your future or current career path. The ICCP is a career assessment tool developed to help you discover whether you would be motivationally satisfied in particular career areas based on satisfaction levels reported by others already in these career areas.

Career is not the only way you can apply IMAGE to your life.  Here are three other areas of application available to you and your IMAGE Coach to guide your life discovery:

  • IMAGE can help you to identify fulfilling volunteer and service opportunities.
  • IMAGE can be useful in identifying differences and similarities in relationships, whether personal or professional. Click on the icon to learn about this.

 Understanding Relationships

  • IMAGE can help you understand team dynamics by revealing your motivational profile in comparison to others on the team. The knowledge you gain about these differences will help you discover team strengths and recognize potential gaps in the team. This will make you a much more effective member of the team.




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