Accessing IMAGE

Are you eager to discover your unique IMAGE profile? As an individual there are two ways for you to begin this journey: alongside a certified IMAGE coach or through Life Discovery.

IMAGE and other tools produced by Life Discovery require personal feedback from an individual qualified to administer and interpret the results. We call these individuals IMAGE coaches. In relationship with an IMAGE coach we can avoid misconceptions and stereotypes that can often surface when looking at patterns in human nature. 



  1. We encourage you to connect with an IMAGE coach in your local area. Your IMAGE coach will guide you through the entire process from set-up to debriefing. All fees for services rendered will be handled by your IMAGE coach.
  2. If the above is NOT an option, please contact Life Discovery by clicking on the IMAGE logo below. We will help you find an IMAGE coach who will take you through the process. In this case, all fees for services rendered will be handled by Life Discovery.



What to Expect

Once you initiate the process with your IMAGE coach, you will receive PDF instructions that will guide you through the assessment. After you have completed the assessment, your coach will have access to your individualized profile, generated from your responses to the assessment questions. Your IMAGE coach will debrief your results with you so that you can correctly interpret your profile.

Your IMAGE coach will determine if the IMAGE Career Compatibility Profile (ICCP) is an appropriate tool to accompany your IMAGE profile. The ICCP is a career assessment tool developed to help you discover whether you would be motivationally satisfied in particular career areas. This tool will not tell you which career is best for you or whether you are prepared to enter a career, but it will help you identify careers that may be a good fit for individuals with a profile similar to yours.

After completing the IMAGE debrief process, you and your IMAGE coach should discuss future steps for you life discovery process based on your individual experience. 




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