IMAGE for Coaches 
One of the more difficult things for people to do is to discover their own uniqueness and to accept it -- and society needs individuals who will help others begin their journey of discovery.


We live in a society that gives far more emphasis to conformity than to uniqueness. Consider how the following arenas often create pressures to conform: Advertising, Education, Media, Church, Workplace, Home or Politics. Usually in each of these areas of life certain characteristics are identified as a good or right type, and everybody else is encouraged, if not expected, to adapt to this pattern. Society becomes an assembly line turning out plastic widgets, trying to make each widget like the others.

IMAGE coaches are individuals that are concerned with helping others understand their unique gifting and want to change the widget mentality in our culture. IMAGE coaches come in many forms such as a teacher in a classroom, a certified Life Coach working with individuals, a team-builder for an organization and even sometimes a friend, but all coaches are mentors or guides.

IMAGE coaches are certified by Life Discovery to administer and debrief the IMAGE assessment. In order do this, they need to understand the nature of intrinsic motivation, the seven categories of intrinsic motivation used in IMAGE, and how the seven intrinsic motivations interact in the lives of others. If you would like to bring IMAGE into your school, workplace, church, other organization or to individuals, you can become a certified IMAGE coach by meeting the minimum requirements, including successful completion of the IMAGE Coach Workshop.

Once you become certified as an IMAGE Coach you will gain access to an individual online account. This account will allow you to order, administer and review IMAGE assessments.

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