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Just as IMAGE promotes the uniqueness of individuals, the tool has been applied in many unique ways, for example: in university’s to help freshman gain footing in the pursuit of a major, in churches to help attendees discover areas of service, in businesses to build work teams and by Life Coaches with individuals at all stages and walks of life. Discover how you can integrate IMAGE into your passions or work by contacting the Life Discovery staff, or read how others have harnessed IMAGE to grow their businesses, passions or service:


I have the privilege of providing leadership for a program that interacts with over 1500 high school students each year, offering a course that assists them in understanding and pursuing their life calling. A component of our course is helping students begin to understand their strengths.

As students wrestle with the concept of their strengths, we utilize IMAGE, which is a comprehensive and valid assessment. We have used IMAGE as part of our program since our inception, and will continue to offer this to our students because we believe it is an important piece in providing them the information which will inform their mind and engage their hearts in understanding and living out their life calling. Each year we hear from students and teachers that IMAGE continues to be one of the most effective tools in our program.

- Phil, director of a university program


Like most personality assessments it’s fun to get your results and to see the results of other people you do ministry with. It is insightful and brings the team together, but often you never talk about it again. However, IMAGE is proving to be a spring of perpetual self-revelation. In my personal life IMAGE is helping me change the dynamics of my marriage, and helping me understand why I never feel like I get a break from being the “preacher.” l continually find myself having “a-ha” moments where I connect my actions with the insights from the assessment. As someone with a motivational gift that tends to always ask “Why?,” IMAGE has revealed to me the source of that need to question and to build solutions instead of frustrations.

My personal experience has prompted me to become an IMAGE Coach so that I can grow my leadership team and share this experience with members of the church I lead.  IMAGE has helped me be more understanding of people’s differences and behaviors, and it has given me a practical way to help individuals discover their gifting.

- Chris, lead pastor at a church


Helping churches to understand how to serve their community more effectively is important to the fulfillment of the great commission.  I like using the IMAGE assessment when working with churches to develop their leadership and to identify the natural talents that are represented by the members of their congregation.  One of the things that I do when consulting with churches is to help identify the specific roles that are needed in their ministries and then to identify what talents are needed to fulfill those roles.  Using the IMAGE tool begins to help individuals understand who God created them to be in life and ministry and also helps with assimilating new people into the mission and service of the church.  The power and influence of the IMAGE tool is amazing to watch when I work with individuals who don’t realize their God-given talents.  It’s exciting to hear people say when they first read their report, “That’s me.”  Their journey towards a life of service and closer relationship with God has just taken a huge leap!

- Greg, church leadership consultant


I've been using IMAGE in my work with coaching clients and teams for the past 8 years, and I find it to be one of the most effective tools in helping people understand how they are motivated to serve others in a distinctly unique way. It gives them permission to maximize those things that they are strong in and trust that others will come and serve in the areas that they are weak. After taking IMAGE and participating in a debriefing session, we continue to use their proactive motivations as tools for further clarity around fully living their life purpose and a personal leadership strategy. It consistently sheds new light on how they see themselves and their ability to create positive change in their circumstances and world. 

On a personal level, knowing my own proactive motivations has helped ease internal tension that I felt for years around my purpose and how it should be lived out. I can now approach my work with peace, intentionality, and excellence without worry or internal, unproductive self-talk. It has helped me to be more efficient and effective in the way that I serve and work in my family, community, and profession. It's a game-changer!

-Megan, founder of a life coaching company


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