IMAGE Coach Certification

The requirements for becoming an IMAGE coach are as follows:

  • Submit the IMAGE Coach Application to Life Discovery, LLC
  • Verify conferment of a Bachelor’s (or higher) degree from an accredited college or university
  • Take the IMAGE assessment, including a debrief with an IMAGE coach
  • Successfully complete the online IMAGE Coach Workshop



IMAGE Coach Workshop

The IMAGE Coach Workshop is the pivotal piece in becoming an IMAGE Coach.

The workshop is an online seminar consisting of nine modules that will educate give you on the a background concerning IMAGE and ICCP. With this knowledge you will be able to administer the assessment to others. After completing the workshop, you should be equipped to explain the seven intrinsic motivations, describe how the assessment operates, help guide others in discerning what the assessment means for their lives and more. When you complete the nine modules you will take a 60-question examination to test your understanding of the IMAGE process and your readiness to help others discover their unique motivational makeup.

The following is a list of the subjects covered by the IMAGE Coach Workshop:

  • Theory of Intrinsic Motivation
  • History of IMAGE & Intrinsic Motivation
  • Defining the Seven Intrinsic Motivations
  • Tests & Measurements
  • Psychometrics of IMAGE
  • Administering IMAGE
  • Interpreting IMAGE Profiles, Patterns & Interactions
  • Applications of IMAGE Results
  • Common Questions



Apply Today

Begin the process of becoming an IMAGE Coach today by filling out the IMAGE Coach Application. The application requires Adobe Reader software and should be completed electronically. Once you have filled in all the required fields, use the “submit” option and your application will be automatically sent to Life Discovery.

You can expect Life Discovery to contact you within 1-2 weeks with next steps. 




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