Tools for IMAGE Coaches

The IMAGE assessment is the core tool offered by Life Discovery, but there are various support or supplemental tools available to coaches. These tools become available to coaches after they complete the certification process. 


IMAGE (Intrinsic Motivation Assessment Guide & Evaluation)

  IMAGE measures a distinct pattern of seven motivations that intrinsically reside within you. These motivations interact in unique patterns to guide the way you respond to situations, problems and opportunities in the world.


ICCP (IMAGE Career Compatibility Profile)

  The ICCP is a career assessment tool that helps individuals discover whether they would be motivationally satisfied in particular career areas. Using the data produced by the IMAGE assessment, the ICCP produces an analysis of 183 career and occupation choices correlated with the individual’s motivational makeup. A summary highlights occupational areas most compatible with a person’s motivational makeup. Be aware, however, that this evaluation does not suggest whether someone is trained or prepared to enter any of these occupations at this time. This assessment should be only be used following a full debrief of someone’s IMAGE profile.


IMAGE in Spanish

  The IMAGE assessment is available in Spanish including a full profile translated into the language. 


IMAGE Coach Account

  All certified IMAGE Coaches are granted access to an individualized, password-protected online account. This account is a storehouse for all the assessments taken under the coach’s name. On this account a coach can view the assessment banks assigned to his or her account; view, email or print newly taken assessments or look up previously taken assessments.  


Understanding Your Intrinsic Motivations


Understanding Your Intrinsic Motivations is a document produced by Life Discovery for distribution to individuals taking the assessment. This document supplements the debrief given by the coach, and provides theoretically background for the assessment-taker. This document is also available in Spanish.

Click here to download a copy.

Click here to download the Spanish version.



Salsa Scale


The Salsa Scale is a document that addresses common relational dynamics between each of the seven motivations to the other motivations. Discover the potential problems or misconceptions of one motivation to another as well as possible solutions. This document is helpful in team settings or individual relationships.

Click here to download a copy.



IMAGE Team Circle

  The IMAGE Team Circle is a downloadable poster that can be used in teams to explore the collective “IMAGE” profile. This poster should be presented as an activity and is useful for creating discussion about strengths and weaknesses of the team, and often helps team members better understand the work habits of individual or the group.


IMAGE Coach Workshop and Online Videos

  At any time a coach can log back into the workshop and review the nine modules to refresh his or her understanding of the tool. Coaches can also view or share any of the non-restricted videos provided by Life Discovery on our Vimeo site. 


Social Media

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Life Discovery is continually growing its tools and offerings. 




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