Living Your Life with the Power of Purpose
How would you to experience a purpose in your life that felt like the power of a giant wave carrying your forward like a champion Surfer? Experiencing the Power of Purpose is not just reserved for a few daring people. It's something available to everyone. This book will help you begin discovering that power in your own life.


Did you know that everyone on earth has a life calling? This book will start you on a path to discovering your own life calling. You will explore a Life Calling Model that will lead you to develop confidence in an overriding purpose for your life. This confidence will be based on a conviction that your life has foundational value, a unique design as an individual, and a place for you to make a difference in your world by pursing a personal mission.

Explore further how Life Calling...Living Your Life with the Power of Purpose might be a useful tool for your search for meaning and direction in your life.

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