Tools for Groups

The IMAGE assessment is the core tool offered by Life Discovery, but there are various applications that use the results of IMAGE to help your organization.


IMAGE Team Circle

  The IMAGE Team Circle can help groups and organizations to explore their “team profile,” the unique makeup of their team based on the combination of individual profiles within the group. Understanding the team profile can help team members be more understanding of differences, assist managers in better utilizing team members and can reveal gaps within the team. IMAGE will give teams the language to describe their areas of strength as well as the differences among members. With the ability to communicate on this level, the team will be better equipped to reach its objectives.


Salsa Scale

  Groups and organizations can use the IMAGE Salsa Relationships Scale to discover common relational dynamics that crop up between two people based on differing perceptions that each of the seven motivations have in relationship to the other motivations. Teams can discover potential problems or misconceptions of one motivation to another and use these as possible solutions to conflict situations.


Task Mobilization Tool

  Working with our team of professionals at Life Discovery, your group or organization can start developing task descriptions and then use the results of IMAGE to help discover possible team members who are the most compatible with those tasks. This can lead to greater effectiveness in your organization and can also produce greater satisfaction and performance by team members.




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