Teaching Life Calling on the Beach is a film series produced by Education on Purpose®.  These were all created by filmmaker Stephen Millard.  The videos start with the Life Calling on the Beach scenes that use metaphors from the island and the beach at Oak Island, North Carolina.  These are followed by an in-depth discussion by Dr. Bill Millard explaining his theory of Life Calling developed from over three decades of research.  

Workshop 1: Overview

This workshop introduces the whole series and Life Calling Model on which the series is based.


Workshop 2: Foundational Values

This workshop examines the core that is the foundation of each person’s life.  This core exists as a set of foundational values the person holds about reality, themselves, and others.  It explains how our foundational values form our beliefs about our existence and play a critical role in the emergence of a sense of purpose and calling in our life.


Workshop 3: Faith

This workshop looks at the premises we hold concerning the reality of the universe and the part these play in guiding the way we think about the rest of the elements of a Life Calling.


Workshop 4: Character

This workshop suggests that character implies that we take moral and ethical actions in our lives congruent with the faith we have developed if we are going to be effective in pursuing an overall purpose in life.


Workshop 5: Service


This workshop explains how ultimate meaning is found not in self-centeredness but in community-connectedness with a deep awareness of and sympathy for the condition of others. This leads to understanding of the overall concept of service and how a spirit of service is the only way to truly discover an overriding purpose in life.


Workshop 6: Unique Design

This workshop explains how Foundational Values may have universal application, but they have individual expression as they are conveyed through our Unique Design.


Workshop 7: Strengths

This workshop introduces the holistic assets that give us the greatest opportunity to be effective in all arenas of our lives.


Workshop 8: Physical Strengths

This workshop explores a comprehensive approach to physical strengths as being more than just brute force in our lives.


Workshop 9: Emotional Strengths

This workshop explores emotional strengths and the valuable information emotions provide to our Life Calling.


Workshop 10: Intellectual Strengths

This workshop explores intellectual strengths and the need to use a variety of ways to learn.


Workshop 11: Psychological Strengths

This workshop explores the way we make choices in planning and uses this to help explain the role psychological strengths have in shaping our Life Calling.


Workshop 12: Spiritual Strengths

This workshop explores spiritual strengths and the mystical power they have in guiding our Life Calling.


Workshop 13: Passions

This workshop explores the dynamics of passions in our life and the role these play in making us unique individuals. More than just interests, these passions are catalysts that burn within our heart and often drive the actions or paths we might otherwise not have taken.  


Workshop 14: Experiences

This workshop explores how our strengths and passions, which are fundamental to our unique design, are molded and reshaped by our life experiences. This has a great impact in making us the unique individuals we are.


Workshop 15: Personal Mission

This workshop explores how our Foundational Values and Unique Design set the stage that enables us to discover a personal mission in life as we interact with the world.


Workshop 16: Needs

This workshop explores how a Personal Mission starts with our reaction to situations in the world.  Life Calling entails relationships of service within community.  Throughout the world we encounter different types of people and situations with various needs. To successfully identify a personal mission, we need the freedom to respond in a focused manner to certain people, situations, and needs of the world as we pursue our Life Calling.


Workshop 17: Vision

This workshop explores the overall concept of vision and how this can help people put their Life Calling in the best perspective.


Workshop 18: Action

This workshop discusses how action ultimately must be taken if a Life Calling is to be realized.


Workshop 19:  Conclusion

This worksop closes out the series.  It summarizes the concepts from the previous workshop and then uses clips from the previous episodes of Life Calling on the Beach to illustrate insights that have been gained that can help us continue our lifetime exploration of a Life Calling.


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