IMAGE for Organizations 
Organizations, whether a Fortune 500 or a loose group of volunteers, are comprised of people; people who are applying methods and thought to achieve an objective. This means that the strength of an organization largely rests on the people within it to maximize their strengths.


All too often organizations fail to realize this and never reach their full potential. Often it is because these organizations do not have the tools or the language needed to help their members tap into their strengths. No one ever made it to greatness by leveraging their mediocrity, or worse their weaknesses. The same is true for organizations. Healthy organizations develop strengths.

IMAGE is one tool that organizations can use to help accomplish this. When individuals within an organization discover their unique motivational profile, they begin to see where they can best use these strengths in maximizing their effectiveness within the organization. When leaders of organizations begin to see and value these individuals as unique assets and help them find relationships within the organization where they can be most effective based on their motivational profiles, the leaders can begin to maximize the effectiveness of the organization.

But the value of IMAGE does not end with just the individual. An organization can use IMAGE to develop a "team motivational profile," allowing a group or the entire organization to discover its strengths as a synergistic whole. IMAGE can create an understanding about differences among team members, enable the group to understand and manage relationship challenges, enhance group communication and incorporate individual gifts for the benefit of the entire group. IMAGE can also provide valuable information to leaders and followers within organizations that will help them have a greater understanding and appreciation of each other.

Explore further how IMAGE might be a useful tool for your organization in the pages of this section.

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