Introduction to the Power of Purpose


Through the resources of Education on Purpose, tens of thousands of students been guided on a journey to understand and live out their unique life purpose.

Introduction to the Power of Purpose is built on the work of Dr. Bill Millard and incorporates his Life Purpose Model into a curriculum that is rich in life principles, research-based concepts, and practical activities designed for student engagement. This course enables students to find an overriding purpose for their lives, equips them to make life decisions based on this purpose, and empowers them to develop this purpose into life-changing action! Teachers who have been trained and certified to teach this course then have the opportunity to present this inspiring curriculum to their students.



Introduction to Power of Purpose introduces students to a framework for understanding their lives through the concept of meaning, signficance, and hope. It enables them to develop tools that will help them make decisions in life consistent with this life purpose.

Based on Dr. Bill Millard’s Life Purpose Model, the curriculum contains three basic components: Foundational Values, Unique Design, and Personal Mission. Through the exploration of these components students will begin to have a better sense of what they value, what their strengths are, what they are passionate about, and more.

Foundational Values: What a person believes and values at the very core of their life will guide and direct what they think and how they behave. Foundation Values explores the ideas behind one’s premises, character, and service.

Unique Design: No two individuals are exactly alike.  Each is distince and, therefore, valuable. As developed through the curriculum, our uniqueness is best understood through a multifaceted look at our strengths, experiences, and passions.

Personal Mission: This component of the curriculum helps each individual to begin to understand what steps are necessary to lead them to a fulfilling life of meaning, significance, and hope This is possible as a student discovers the needs of the world and how those needs interact with their own vision of how to influence their world. Ultimately, this self-discovery leads to action.

This is a far more effective approach to choosing majors and making other decisions for college and beyond than most typical “career counseling” which many times focuses primarily on self-centered interests. Rather than focusing just on an individual’s potential in a career, this course offers the opportunity to look at the person holistically.

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